August 23, 2022

But if it’s difficult to get married then it is a challenge, somehow you need to release the sexual tension

But if it’s difficult to get married then it is a challenge, somehow you need to release the sexual tension

Hi Mark, I fully understand what you are going through, it’s tough. I talk from experience. If you can find love, you can marry again so you can do it with a wife that is a Godly way. But my advice is, talk to God your creator to help you, even if you fall, more often than not, I masterbate to release the sexual tension, but this has to be your last resort. I usually feel so guilty after the act best local hookup sites San Jose but I usually go for confession. At first the frequency was high but now it’s dying bit by bit now I can masturbate once a month or in two months. In the early years I would go out to look for men to do it cz the feelings were too strong for me as somebody who was still fighting the feelings to be completely free from masturbation. My hope is that one day I will completely conquer or God would bless me with a husband to share these desires with.

I am 38 and struggling so much with a high sexual urges

The secret is to be so in love with Jesus and filled with His Holy Spirit the more you desire and draw close to Him the more the sinful nature won’t be such a problem. It’s all about being close and in love with Jesus and all the spirit filled repentance, hatred for sin , praying and and bible reading come from the Holy Spirit power from the deep love relationship with Jesus . If we are not careful we try and do it ourselves . It all comes from loving the true God of the bible and believing and wanting to obey His word . I often think me being a woman it’s bad and I actually think how the heck do men manage bless em. I Pray you really fall more in love with Jesus. If you don’t have that just tell Him . Say Jesus I want to fall more in love with you , He will help you with all your battle against sin He fights if we are wanting to turn from sin which I can clearly see you are , you really had enough eh . Bless you

I feel your frustration. I keep being told to read my bible and focus on God (as if I haven’t already), pray and keep busy. But the desires are still here rising by the day. Why do we have to have these desires if we weren’t meant to have sex before e of torture. I’ve prayed for a husband since 19 but none has been forthcoming. Sigh!

I sympathize with you since i know the pain-i started masturbating at 3 and half years old!I still remember everything!

Sometimes God sends a man to the doctor.If it is an addiction,you should seek a doctor.Also,there are foods that will decrease your libido.Like cheese,red meat,licorice,mint,tonic water (Quinine),chocolate,fried foods,microwave popcorn (chemical in the bag it’s in),cornflakes (the inventor was a big fan of abstinence!) and avoid cinnamon and honey cause they increase it.

We don’t become perfect overnight Rest in His love , don’t fret and ask Him to really help you with the sexual temptation you are suffering

You are supposed to “punish” the brain by not giving in,no matter what!The cravings will get lower and lower and fewer-more towards normal but i would not advise you to do this without medical supervision.It’s about the Dopamine free swimming in the brain without the Oxytocin (bonding hormone of relationships) to counter-effect the Dopamine.

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