Grievance Committee- Chair –Julie Scannell

1. It shall aid and represent all the AEA members in the Agawam School System in
resolving grievance matters as outlined in the Unit “A” and Unit “B” contracts.
2. The committee shall decide the matter of the grievance.
3. It shall keep abreast of grievance situations, inform the teachers and teacher
assistants of grievance procedures in the contracts, and inform them of all legal
rights and responsibilities.
4. Grievance committee meetings shall be closed to all but committee members
except those specifically invited by the committee via majority vote.
5. Minutes of all meetings are not to be circulated outside the committee meetings and will always be in the possession of the committee’s Secretary, who will show them to the committee members on request. A copy of the minutes will also be
given to the chairperson and the Executive Director.

Social CommitteeChair -Kathy Jediny

1. It shall promote activities aimed at increasing the congeniality of the membership.
2. It shall raise funds to support Association activities.

Constitution and BylawsChair – Teresa Burkelewicz

1. It shall prepare amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws suggested by
Association members and to present these proposals to the general membership
for action.
2. All amendment proposals to the Constitution & Bylaws shall be submitted to the
Constitution Committee with the name of the person or persons making the
3. All proposed amendment changes shall be submitted to the Constitution
Committee by the first Friday of February of each year.

Election Committee–Anita Quinn

1. It shall supervise and conduct the nominating and election process for all elective
offices of the Association with the exception of the Executive Secretary, the Accountant Liaison and the Membership Coordinator, who are appointed (hired) by the Executive Board.
2. The nominations procedure for candidates seeking elective office shall be determined by the Election Committee.
3. It shall be responsible for securing candidates for each of the elective offices.
4. The names of the candidates for elective office together with information about each candidate shall be published no later than two (2) weeks preceding the date
of the election.
5. The committee shall be responsible for meeting the requirements of Special
6. It shall conduct all elections by secret ballot.
7. To be elected a candidate must have received a majority of the votes case or a
plurality if there are more than two candidates for an elected office.

Public RelationsTBD

1. It shall publicize information with the objective of service to teachers and teacher
assistants and to the cause of public education.
2. It shall be responsible for the Agawam Education Association newsletter via AEA

Scholarship–Christine Kolodziej

Negotiation Committee–TBA

1. It shall determine through research and membership polling the proposals on
salary, hours, and working conditions which shall be used in collective bargaining.
2. It shall elect a chairperson pro-term at its first meeting who shall act as
chairperson until the negotiating team is chosen.
3. The negotiating team shall elect a chairperson who then automatically becomes a
permanent chairperson of the Negotiations Committee.
4. The negotiating team shall perform the actual negotiating.
5. All contract proposals arrived at via negotiations by the Negotiations Committee
shall be presented to the Executive Board prior to ratification by AEA.
Last Revision 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019

6. The Executive Board shall vote to favor or oppose contract proposals. Contract proposals shall then be submitted to AEA membership with the results of the Executive Board vote attached.
7. Unit “B” shall be the second of the two Negotiation Committees.
a. Unit “B” shall be comprised of teacher assistants.
b. Unit “B” shall negotiate a contract affecting “B” Unit membership.

Evaluation Super Committee – Mike Peterson

  • Curtis Miarecki
  • Lisa Bruno
  • Angela Tirone
  • Frankie DellaBella

Insurance Committee– Kathy Jediny

1. The committee shall research and investigate insurance programs that affect the general membership.

Professional Development Committee- 

  • Mary Purdy
  • Kristy Dyer
  • Pam Petschke
  • Joe Heney

1. It should discuss any educational matters which are of concern to teachers and
teacher assistants.
2. It shall perform any research needed on items under discussion. Research
materials shall be referred to the proper department.
3. It shall handle any material referred by the Superintendent or Assistant
Superintendent, such as in-service courses wanted, planning for release time
days, etc.

Political Action Leader– (TBD)

1. It shall have broad concern for local, state, and national legislation affecting the
interest of the schools, teachers, teacher assistants, and Association.
2. It shall encourage members to exercise their civic and political rights and keep
them informed about new legislation.
3. It shall be the responsibility of this committee to study candidates who are friends
of education; to study pending legislation and promote activities in the support of desirable legislation; to educate members on the civic rights and responsibilities of teachers and teacher assistants; and, to develop programs that will encourage participation.