Election Committee


1. It shall supervise and conduct the nominating and election process for all elective
offices of the Association with the exception of the Executive Secretary, the Accountant Liaison and the Membership Coordinator, who are appointed (hired) by the Executive Board.
2. The nominations procedure for candidates seeking elective office shall be determined by the Election Committee.
3. It shall be responsible for securing candidates for each of the elective offices.
4. The names of the candidates for elective office together with information about each candidate shall be published no later than two (2) weeks preceding the date
of the election.
5. The committee shall be responsible for meeting the requirements of Special
6. It shall conduct all elections by secret ballot.
7. To be elected a candidate must have received a majority of the votes case or a
plurality if there are more than two candidates for an elected office.

Election Committee Chair: Anita Quinn