July 2022 Elections – Job Descriptions

All information about positions taken directly from AEA Bylaws.

AEA Accountant Liaison:

D. Accountant Liaison
1. The Liaison shall be responsible for depositing all dues and funds of the
Association in the bank.
2. The accountant liaison shall be responsible for the payment of dues to the
Massachusetts Teacher Association and the National Education Association
by requesting these funds from the accounting firm hired by the Association.
3. The accountant liaison shall prepare and file the quarterly local support
statements with the MTA.
4. The accountant liaison shall serve a term of office for two (2) years and
shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.
5. The accountant liaison shall present a monthly written statement on the
financial status of the Association supplied by the accounting firm hired by
the Association to the Executive Board.
6. The accountant liaison shall be responsible to coordinate and disperse
paychecks and tax statements supplied by the payroll company hired by the

Paid position $500

Recording Secretary:

C. Recording Secretary
1. The recording secretary shall be responsible for the records and minutes of
the general and Executive Board meetings.
2. All elected/appointed officials/chairpersons shall submit a month by
month detailed description of his/her respective duties before leaving office.

Paid position $1000