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Inside y reveals that she never really had gender which have Tate

Inside y reveals that she never really had gender which have Tate

Perception unattractive and you may alone, Amy reacts when Tate requires their out over a pub. Both drink heavily while making out. The next day, as Amy enters a shop, Tate tactics the lady enthusiastically and that Amy does not reciprocate. He is very happy about their evening with her when you are Amy would like to keep it a secret. Tate approaches Amy at the electronic devices and you can asks the woman aside once more. Amy says no and you will admits you to definitely she went which have Tate as she are impact off and therefore dating an excellent “10” carry out raise some thing. Tate are indignant and you can loudly conveys he feels made use of. Group and you may consumers pay attention to the fresh change and you can Tate compares themselves so you can a person dildo.

Alex, which brings products, was first-seen when you look at the a cafe or restaurant in which Amy is on a great double date which have Dina. Amy wants from the big date and you may taking Alex away from their shipments to the shop, asks in the event that he’s going to fake having a discussion along with her. Ultimately, Alex actually starts to bond having Amy and children the lady in the the woman bad day. Days after, Amy informs Cheyenne and you can Dina that she and you can Alex was in fact relationships and providing your time. Amy will not understand Alex when he talks Foreign-language which is ashamed. Sometime after, Alex interrupts Amy telling Adam one she is pregnant from the your. Carol reveals that Alex and Amy split up.

Amy’s identity mark

Amy wears a reputation mark that have an alternative label for the nearly most of the episode given that she does not want complete strangers to know the woman label. Conditions are in “Labor”, “Strike” and you may “Affect nine Academy” in which she dressed in the lady genuine name and you may “Halloween party Theft”, where she didn’t wear a reputation mark. She in addition to dressed in “Vicky” on the Education Video clips (Digital Personal).


  • She has certain number of degree, even if this lady has an amount of any level try unknown.
  • Their elizabeth was not revealed until Cheyenne gave birth. (“Labor”)
  • She dyed the lady locks blonde following events out-of “Ladies Lunch” and you may altered it to black colored immediately after “Angels and you will Mermaids”.
  • The shop had a keen Oscar pond and therefore Amy acquired. The woman 90’s smash try Scott Wolf. Into the senior school, she are a portion of the debate group and was at new songs Lease.(“Ethics Prize”)
  • If Amy was actually created a kid, their term would-have-been Donald. (“Gender Tell you”)
  • Amy falls under a beneficial Goof within the “Photos and Salsa”. Shortly after enduring Carmen more than an effective salsa dish, the fresh salsa is actually spilt toward Amy and you can Carmen sprains the woman ankle. A few momemts after regarding parking area because Dina and Glenn are enabling Carmen so you’re able to Glenn’s van, Amy is wearing a comparable shirt (and maybe an identical vest) which can be both clean.
  • The woman is section of several other Goof when you look at the “Brett Is actually Dead”. Once the Jonah asks Amy just how Garrett turned into handicapped, her title tag is visible until the 3:02 draw if it disappears and re-looks a couple of seconds later on.
  • She is part of some other Goof during the “Region Director”. Immediately following Amy places the brand new coffee maker off (and therefore is not viewed), it is pointing correct. Whenever Jonah claims “I just mean when we got real equality . “, it’s pointing into the front side. It flips between pointing off to the right and you may front three alot more times during the world.
  • The woman is element of various other Goof in “Lottery”. In the six:33, Amy is visible racks soap pods and you will around three was obvious inside the a row. In the 6:37 the newest line have one to pod, during the six:42 it is back to around three, on 6:47 you can find five, within six:forty-two it’s back to around three at 6:56 it’s to four pods.
  • She actually is part of some other Goof during the “CLOUD9FAIL”. Within the Amy’s workplace, since the Jonah and you can Amy speak about doing tweets disparaging a shop, Amy’s hand is actually full to your work schedule. But not, as cam small cuts anywhere between their and you may Jonah, the latest pen on her table moves and, new bluish file folder flips ranging from are unlock and you will signed on 6:00 to six:02.
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