Grievance Committee


Chair Julie Scannell

  1. Bethany Gozgit
  2. Ray Peters
  3. Debra Donaldson
  4. Tricia Bushey
  5. Denise Budzynkiewicz

1. It shall aid and represent all the AEA members in the Agawam School System in
resolving grievance matters as outlined in the Unit “A” and Unit “B” contracts.
2. The committee shall decide the matter of the grievance.
3. It shall keep abreast of grievance situations, inform the teachers and teacher
assistants of grievance procedures in the contracts, and inform them of all legal
rights and responsibilities.
4. Grievance committee meetings shall be closed to all but committee members
except those specifically invited by the committee via majority vote.
5. Minutes of all meetings are not to be circulated outside the committee meetings and will always be in the possession of the committee’s Secretary, who will show them to the committee members on request. A copy of the minutes will also be
given to the chairperson and the Executive Director.